Thursday, August 8, 2013

A First and a Last

It seems ironic that on today, my very last full day of working for Pine Lake Camp, I received my job placement in Mexico.  Maybe the Big Guy just decided to be cliche today.  I will be working at a place called AMEXTRA which is a non-profit organization in Mexico dedicated to helping students in under-priveliged communities.  It's located in a community called Tultitlan which is just north of Mexico City.  I have yet to discover where I will be living or with whom, but I'm sure plans are being made as I write this.

Alright, back to the here and now.  That bit was just for all of you who have been asking me where I'll be (and so that it sounds official).  :P

A little over two hours ago began the last campfire with campers that I will have been a part of here at Pine Lake.  Of course it's possible that I'll come back for a week here or there over the next couple of years but never again a full summer.  It seemed both nostalgic and routine at the same time.  I've sung all the songs before.   I've could probably narrate the skits by heart.  I knew several campers who have been in cabins of mine.  After all, by my rough calculation I've probably had over 150 in the five summers I've been here.

As we were wrapping up we sat there silently reflecting.  All at once, our program assistant ran up.  She was out of breath.  "The Corral, I need you, now!"  Without thinking all of the leadership staff started sprinting off to that direction.  I hesitated.  Was I supposed to go too?  I'm not really on leadership this year, but I have a lot of experience.  Her tone was serious so I went.  I like helping.  A small emergency was occurring and some campers needed supervising.  The ambulance was on its way.  I met the counselor who was going to meet it out by the highway.  She went with the first-responder and I waited for it to arrive.  After running the entire length of the road and driving down it faster than I have ever driven it before, I met the ambulance.  To make a long story short, everything worked out and the crisis was resolved.  (I know, that was anticlimactic but it's about all I can share right now).

Then I thought about what had just happened and what I had done.  This morning I was upset because I had been working so hard these last few weeks without being thanked for it.  Who's work was I really doing?  Was it my work or was it God's work?  And who was I to accept thanks on God's behalf?  Don't get me wrong, there's a difference between being humble and killing yourself without receiving some gratitude.  Part of my attitude this morning was rightly justified.  But in the end, I cannot claim to deserve more praise if I'm the one asking for it.  Instead, I can take pride in the idea that God must think I'm pretty good if he trusts me with his work.  Amen.

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