Friday, October 18, 2013


Part of being a YAGM means that I get to accompany many people in their daily lives.  From Mexicans learning English to friends and family back home, the journey of sharing with others my experiences is a big part of my life.

Not unexpectedly, I received lots of feedback about my last blogpost; both positive negative.  The positive feedback generally went like this:  “Those are really interesting questions you’ve posed about our mission in the world.”  This is what I want to highlight: they’re questions.

What is our role in being a part of God’s plan?  How does the phrase “God’s work, our hands” fit with that?  What does being ‘evangelical’ mean?  These are questions that don’t always have answers.  Although I obviously believe that what I think is true (because, after all, they’re my own thoughts), I don’t claim that they’re the be-all, end-all.  When Martin Luther posted the 95 Theses, of course he thought he had some solid points and he probably did.  But the Catholic Church is still alive and well and, frankly, you’d be crazy to say that they don’t also play a part in God’s revelation. So although I don’t agree with every minutia of theology the ELCA puts forth, it’s not a monster wreaking havoc. 

Everyone has questions.  They should.  My hope is that through questions we can begin to explore and understand personally who God is to each of us and act accordingly. 

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